Here you can download resources – such as PDF versions of the toolkit tutorials – to learn offline. 


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Study planner
Word document trustee-toolkit-study-planner.doc

Create your own study planner

0.71Mb, 1 page

General study planner - Sample
PDF document example-trustee-toolit-study-planner.pdf

This sample study planner shows how you can break down the learning into bite-size pieces

0.05Mb, 1 page

Introducing pension schemes - Check your scheme worksheet
PDF document Introducing pension schemes _Check your scheme worksheet.pdf

Complete the worksheet to understand your own scheme in relation to the learning from this module

0.03Mb, 5 pages

Introducing pension schemes: Tutorial 1/4 - What is a pension scheme?
PDF document introducing-pension-schemes-tutorial-one.pdf

Find out about the different types of occupational pension schemes.

0.09Mb, 8 pages

Introducing pension schemes: Tutorial 2/4 - Benefits
PDF document introducing-pension-schemes-tutorial-two.pdf

Discover the different benefits available to the members of pension schemes at pension age, divorce and death of the member.

0.09Mb, 8 pages

Introducing pension schemes: Tutorial 3/4 - What is a trustee?
PDF document introducing-pension-schemes-tutorial-three.pdf

Find out what a trust is, the types of trustees and who can become one, plus how trustees are appointed.

0.05Mb, 7 pages

Introducing pension schemes: Tutorial 4/4 - Important documents
PDF document introducing-pension-schemes-tutorial-four.pdf

Learn about the relevant documents for your scheme.

0.06Mb, 5 pages

Introducing pension schemes: Scenario 1/2
PDF document introducing-pension-schemes-scenario-one.pdf

In this scenario you will meet a work colleague, Adam, who is currently a trustee of the company pension scheme.

0.08Mb, 5 pages

Introducing pension schemes: Scenario 2/2
PDF document introducing-pension-schemes-scenario-two.pdf

In this scenario Adam will introduce you to Tony, the pensions administrator for the company scheme. Tony will tell you more about what the role of trustee involves.

0.08Mb, 4 pages

Introducing pension schemes: Case example 1/1 - Steven Fieldman
PDF document case-example-steven-fieldman-v1.pdf

Steven talks about what it's like being a trustee.

0.08Mb, 2 pages

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