Essential information for those new to the pensions education portal

  • What is the pensions education portal?
  • How do I get access to the pensions education portal?
  • How does the learning work?
  • How long will this take me to complete?

Public Service toolkit queries

  • The design of the module has changed, why is that?
  • Why should I use the Public Service toolkit?
  • How long will this take me to complete?
  • How do I open a course?
  • Should I complete the courses in order?
  • How should I work through each course?
  • Will I be tested?
  • How do I demonstrate what I have learnt? What is the development record?
  • Do I have to complete all the learning to take the assessment?
  • Where can I find the assessment passmark?
  • Can I see which assessment questions I got wrong?
  • Do I need to send my development record to you?
  • How often is the toolkit updated?
  • Is the programme mandatory?
  • Does the toolkit provide a recognised qualification?
  • I've found some incorrect information, who do I tell?

Profile queries

  • What should I do if I have a question about my own scheme?
  • Why does TPR ask me to supply personal information?
  • What happens to my personal information?

Technical queries

  • I am trying to register for the pensions education portal but I get an error message saying my email address is already registered.
  • I can't open the downloadable PDFs
  • I've found a broken link, who do I tell?
  • Can I have a hard copy of the programme? I want to learn offline
  • I do not have access to the internet at work or home
  • How can I change my password/email address?
  • My development record does not show my name or scheme name
  • What is the date printed on my development record? What is the development record date of issue?
  • I have forgotten my password
  • I wish to deactivate/delete my account
  • I am having difficulty with the programme and I cannot find the answer in your help. Where can I get further support?
  • What screen resolution has the programme been optimised for?
  • What is the minimum bandwidth required?
  • Does the programme use audio and/or video?

About this site

  • About this site
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