Trustee toolkit shown on a tablet and a PC

Welcome to our updated free elearning programme, the Trustee toolkit, the most popular way for trustees to meet the requirements of the trustee knowledge and understanding (TKU) code of practice.

The toolkit has always been popular and our recent survey showed 91% of customers see it as a very positive way of learning, but we’ve also taken your comments on board and made some updates so it’s now easier than ever to access the learning you need.

Over 200,000 modules passed by trustees

After 10 years of service, it is still the most popular way to get to grips with the trustee role.

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DC trustee, completed the Trustee toolkit

“I think it is one of the best online learning packages I have ever seen”


What's new?

Rust Tick 30 Tablet ready

The toolkit is now ‘tablet ready’, and no longer requires Adobe Flash Player. This means whether you’re using a tablet, a PC, a laptop or screen reader software, there is now one version for everyone.

Rust Tick 30 No need to disable pop-up blockers

The elearning modules will no longer open in a pop-up window, which means you can keep your pop-up blockers on.

Rust Tick 30 New look and feel

We’ve created a new menu and progress markers in the elearning module, so it’s now easier to see your progress.

Rust Tick 30 Changes to the assessment

The assessment is longer part of the elearning module. We have done this so that it can tell you which questions you got wrong, so you can make sure you’re filling any gaps in your knowledge.

The next time you try an assessment, you’ll begin to build a history of all the assessments you’ve done, including the date and time at which they were taken. This means you can easily see where you need to focus your learning.

You can save an assessment part way through and return to it later.



The Trustee toolkit: what’s new?

Our new video guides you through the updates we’ve made to the Trustee toolkit.

It’s now available to use on tablets and we’ve made some major changes to the look and feel, assessment, and the way you can see your progress.


DB trustee, completed the Trustee toolkit

"I thought I knew everything but one of the useful things about the toolkit is I realised that there were large areas about which I knew nothing, so I had to get a move on and learn some more."

The changes we’ve made haven't affected the work you have done on the toolkit, and your current progress has been retained. The learning content has also stayed the same.

Last modified: Wednesday, 8 November 2017, 12:35 PM