Here you can download resources – such as PDF versions of the toolkit tutorials – to learn offline. 


Type of resources:


Investment in a DB scheme: Scenario 2/3
PDF document investment-in-a-DB-scheme-scenario-two.pdf

In this scenario the sub-committee meet Lesley, the investment consultant, who presents various scenarios based on the current investment strategy as well as stochastic models based on alternative strategies.

0.06Mb, 7 pages

Investment in a DB scheme: Scenario 3/3
PDF document Investment in a DB scheme - Scenario 3.pdf

In this scenario the sub-committee meet to look at options for changing the DB investment strategy. They then present the recommendations to the full trustee board.

0.06Mb, 6 pages

Investment in a DB scheme: Case example 1/1 - Downside protection arrangements
PDF document investment-in-a-DB-scheme-case-example-one.pdf

See an example of a downside protection arrangement using equity options.

0.03Mb, 3 pages

Extra resource - Sample annual report and accounts
PDF document extra-resource-sample-annual-report-and-accounts.pdf

Take a look at a genuine annual report and accounts (names of individuals and companies have been changed)

0.68Mb, 33 pages

Extra resource - Sample business plan
PDF document extra-resource-sample-business-plan.pdf

Take a look at a sample business plan for the fictional Titan pension scheme

0.11Mb, 4 pages

Extra resource - Sample trustee job description
PDF document extra-resource-trustee-job-description.pdf

See a sample trustee job description for the fictional Titan pension scheme

0.89Mb, 2 pages

Extra resource - Sample job description for the chair
PDF document extra-resources-sample-job-description-for-the-chair.pdf

See a sample job description for the chair of the fictional Olympic Insurance pension scheme

0.75Mb, 2 pages

A quick guide to personal development
PDF document trustee-toolkit-quick-guide-personal-development.pdf

A short guide to help you get the most from our learning needs analysis and learning log tools.

0.04Mb, 4 pages

Assessing your learning needs
Word document trustee-toolkit-assessing-your-learning-needs.doc

Use this tool to assess what learning you need and then create a personal development plan (PDP).

0.22Mb, 14 pages

Learning log
Word document trustee-toolkit-learning-log.doc

Complete the learning log to help you record and reflect on your learning.

0.04Mb, 2 pages