Here you can download resources – such as PDF versions of the toolkit tutorials – to learn offline. 


Type of resources:


Scheme documents glossary
PDF document extra-resource-scheme-documents-glossary.pdf

Descriptions of the common documents you may come across as a trustee

0.08Mb, 8 pages

The trustee's role: Check your scheme worksheet
PDF document the-trustees-role-check-your-scheme.pdf

Complete the worksheet to understand your own scheme in relation to the learning from this module

0.05Mb, 4 pages

The trustee's role: Tutorial 1/5 - Becoming a trustee
PDF document The trustees role - Tutorial 1 Becoming a trustee.pdf

Find out about becoming a trustee including what happens when you take office and the requirement for trustee knowledge and understanding.

0.52Mb, 14 pages

The trustee's role: Tutorial 2/5 - Trustee meetings
PDF document the-trustees-role-tutorial-two.pdf

Discover what a typical agenda includes and the pre and post meeting tasks a trustee will need to do.

0.42Mb, 6 pages

The trustee's role: Tutorial 3/5 - Conflicts of interest
PDF document the-trustees-role-tutorial-three.pdf

Find out how important it is to be aware of any conflicts of interest you might have as a trustee.

0.13Mb, 7 pages

The trustee's role: Tutorial 4/5 - Duties and powers
PDF document the-trustees-role-tutorial-four.pdf

Find out about the different fiduciary and statutory duties, and the different powers of trustees.

0.48Mb, 10 pages

The trustee's role: Tutorial 5/5 - Trustee liabilities and protections
PDF document the-trustees-role-tutorial-five.pdf

Find out about breaches of the law and the types of protections that may be available to you as a trustee.

0.19Mb, 7 pages

The trustee's role: Scenario 1/2
PDF document the-trustees-role-scenario-one.pdf

In this scenario you will meet your colleagues, Adam and Tony, to find out more about what being a trustee involves.

0.19Mb, 5 pages

The trustee's role: Scenario 2/2
PDF document the-trustees-role-scenario-two.pdf

In this scenario you will meet Tony again to sign some paperwork now that you are a trustee. You will also attend some induction training with Beatrice the scheme lawyer.

0.22Mb, 5 pages

The trustee's role: Case example 1/3 - Charlie Hammond
PDF document trustees-role-case-example-charlie-hammond.pdf

Charlie answers some basic questions about when he was a trustee

0.08Mb, 2 pages