Assess your learning needs
If you're a new trustee, you have six months from when you're appointed to be up to speed with what you need to do.

If you're an experienced trustee you're strongly recommended to review you knowledge and understanding at least annually against our 'trustee knowledge and understanding (TKU) guidance', and carry out learning to fill any gaps you identify. You may also find that you need to acquire new areas of knowledge in the event of any change which may affect the scheme or the sponsoring employer.

You can keep your knowledge up to date effectively by working towards your personal development as a trustee. You can use the guide and tools below to help you with planning, completing, recording and reflecting on your learning.

Use our resources to assess your needs:

Guide: A quick guide to personal development

Our personal development quick guide provides additional information to help you get the most from the assess your learning needs tools, study planner and personal development plan.

Download guide (PDF, 41kb, 4 pages)

Tools: Assess your learning needs

The assess your learning needs tools will help you identify what specific learning you need, create a personal development plan and tell you where you can find related learning on the Trustee toolkit.

There are three tools available in either PDF or Word formats, depending on your preference. The first tool provides learning assessments for trustees of all types of schemes and the other two tools provide additional assessments from trustees of DC and DB schemes.

Download 'All trustees' tool (PDF, 388kb, 12 pages)

Download 'All trustees' tool (DOC, 272kb, 14 pages)

Download 'DB trustees' tool (PDF, 154kb, 4 pages)

Download 'DB trustees' tool (DOC, 132kb, 5 pages)

Download 'DC trustees' tool (PDF, 91kb, 3 pages)

Download 'DC trustees' tool (DOC, 97kb, 3 pages)

Tool: Study planner

Use our study planner to break the Trustee toolkit learning into bite-size chunks and plan your learning time.

Download study planner (DOC, 717kb, 1 page)

Tool: Learning log

Use our learning log to keep a record of your learning activities. You can keep this for your own records, or if required, provide to your Chair or Secretary to the trustees alongside your Trustee toolkit development record as proof of your achievements.

Download learning log (DOC, 37kb, 1 page)

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